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Second-Order Quantifier Elimination: Foundations, Computational Aspects and Applications. Together with D. M. Gabbay and A. Szalas. Studies in Logic: Mathematical Logic and Foundations, Vol. 12, College Publications.
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Automated reasoning / decidability / proof theory

Reasoning about images and graphs

Abductive and inductive reasoning

Ontology extraction, ontology processing

Forgetting, uniform interpolation, second-order quantifier elimination


Automated automated reasoning

Model building / minimal model reasoning


First-order logic

Modal logic, dynamic modal logics

See also Description logic, knowledge representation, ontology reasoning and Temporal logic

Description logic, knowledge representation, ontology reasoning

See also Modal logic, dynamic modal logics

Intuitionistic logic and other non-classical logics

Temporal logic

Second-order logic

Algebraic logic


System descriptions

Special journal issues



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