Computing Minimal Models Modulo Subset-Simulation for Propositional Modal Logics

Papacchini, F. and Schmidt, R. A. (2013)

In Fontaine, P. and Ringeissen, C. and Schmidt, R. A. (eds), Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems (FroCoS 2013), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 8152, Springer, 279-294. BiBTeX, PDF (final version available via DOI link to Springer).

In this paper we propose a novel minimality criterion for models of modal logics based on a variation of the notion of simulation, called subset-simulation. We present a minimal model sound and complete tableau calculus for the generation of this new kind of minimal models for the multi-modal logic K(m), and we discuss extensions to cover more expressive logics. The generation of minimal models is performed incrementally by using a minimality test to close branches representing non-minimal models, or to update the set of minimal models. Subset-simulation minimal models have the advantage that they are semantically more natural than models obtained by using syntactic minimality criteria.

Renate A. Schmidt
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