Terminological Representation, Natural Language & Relation Algebra

Schmidt, R. A. (1993)

In Ohlbach, H. J. (eds), Proceedings of the sixteenth German AI Conference (GWAI-92), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 671, Springer, Berlin, 357-371. BiBTeX, PDF

In this paper I establish a link between KL-ONE-based knowledge representation concerned with terminological representation and the work of P. Suppes (1976,1979,1981) and M. Böttner (1985,1989) in computational linguistics. I show how this link can be utilised for the problem of finding adequate terminological representations for given information formulated in ordinary English.

Also available as Tech. Rep. MPI-I-92-246, MPI für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany (October 1992). DVI, PostScript
Renate A. Schmidt
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