Interaction between Knowledge, Action and Commitment within Agent Dynamic Logic

Schmidt, R. A., Tishkovsky, D. and Hustadt, U. (2004)

Studia Logica 78 (3), 381-415. BiBTeX, SpringerLink.

This paper considers a new class of agent dynamic logics which provide a formal means of specifying and reasoning about the agents' activities and informational, motivational and practical aspects of the behaviour of the agents. We present a Hilbert-style deductive system for a basic agent dynamic logic and consider a number of extensions of this logic with axiom schemata formalising interactions between knowledge and commitment (expressing an agent's awareness of her commitments), and interactions between knowledge and actions (expressing no learning and persistence of knowledge after actions). The deductive systems are proved sound and complete with respect to a Kripke-style semantics. Each of the considered logics is shown to have the small model property and therefore decidable.

The long version is Preprint CSPP-27, University of Manchester (Nov. 2003).

Renate A. Schmidt
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