A Comparison of Solvers for Propositional Dynamic Logic

Hustadt, U. and Schmidt, R. A. (2012)

In Konev, B. and Schmidt, R. and Schulz, S. (eds), PAAR-2010: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning. EPiC Series, Vol. 9, EasyChair, 63-73. BiBTeX, PDF.

Calculi for propositional dynamic logics have been investigated since the introduction of this logic in the late seventies. Only in recent years have practical procedures been suggested and implemented. In this paper, we compare three such systems, namely, the Tableau Workbench by Abate, Gore, and Widmann (2009), the pdlProver system by Gore and Widmann (2009), and the MLSolver system by Friedmann and Lange (2009).

Renate A. Schmidt
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