Description Logics for Natural Language Processing

Fehrer, D., Hustadt, U., Jaeger, M., Nonnengart, A., Ohlbach, H. J., Schmidt, R. A., Weidenbach, Ch. and Weydert, E. (May 1994)

In Proc. of Intern. Workshop on Description Logics'94, Document D-94-10, DFKI, Saarbrücken, 80-84. BiBTeX, PostScript

In this paper we focus on the application of description logics to natural language processing. In cooperation with the PRACMA Project we have been developing a suitably extended knowledge representation system, called MOTEL.
In our approach to agent modelling and natural language processing we use an extension of the well-known description language ALC. Our system MOTEL serves on one hand as a knowledge base for the natural language front-end, and on the other hand, it provides powerful logical representation and reasoning components. As our approach is logic based we hope that this enhances the overall capabilities of the natural language processing system.
We present a brief overview of MOTEL and the different extensions we are working on, i.e. modal extension of description logics, a cardinality-based approach to quantitative information, reason maintenance, probablistic, non-monotonic, and abductive reasoning.

Renate A. Schmidt
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