RelMiCS/AKA Welcome reception

On Tuesday, 29 August, at 7-9pm the welcome reception will take place in the Fossil gallery of the Manchester Museum.

All participants of RelMICS/AKA and the PhD training programme are invited to come along.

The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum features a series of galleries including Egyptology galleries, a Science for Life gallery, a Zoology collection featuring mammals, birds and live animals, ethnology collections from South America and the Museum's own collections of fossils and minerals. Some of the galleries will be open at the welcome reception.

  museum_entrance museum_dinosaur museum_planets


The Manchester Museum is located in the vacinity of the School of Computer Science, Kilburn Building, on Oxford Road. From the Kilburn Building cross Oxford Road and walk about 200 paces south (in the the direction away from the city centre). The Museum entrance is on the right-hand side after the Kro Cafe Muse.

The museum is marked as Number 44 on the University campus map and M on our conference map.

Last updated 13 Aug 2006.