PhD Programme: Accepted Papers

  • Stephanie Balzer
    Relations for specifying the invariant behaviour of object collaborations
  • Leonardo Freitas
    Model checking support for Circus
  • Joel Glanfield
    RelAPS: A proof system for relational categories
  • Peter Höfner
    f-generated Kleene algebra
  • Andrew Hughes
    Nomadic time
  • Britta Kehden
    Combining relational methods and evolutionary algorithms
  • José Juan Palacios Pérez
    A topological analysis of event structures
  • Benôit Razet
    Relational Kleene algebras and their compilation to modular applicative transducers
  • David Robinson
    Resolution-based natural deduction for modal logics
  • Kim Solin
    Some notes on duality in refinement algebra

Last updated 14 Jul 2006.