PhD Programme Schedule

Tuesday, August 29

 08.30-08.55 Registration
 08.55-09.00 Welcome
 09.00-10.30 Tutorial 1 Chair: Georg Struth
 09.00 Peter Jipsen
   Foundations of relations and Kleene algebra
 10.30-11.00 Coffee
 11.00-12.30 Tutorial 2 Chair: Georg Struth
 11.00 John Derrick
   Refinement in state-based specification languages
 12.30-13.30 Lunch
 13.30-15.30 Student Session 1 Chair: David Robinson
 13.30 Peter Höfner
   f-generated Kleene algebra
 13.50 Benoît Razet
   Relational Kleene algebras and their compilation to modular applicative transducers
 14.10 Kim Solin
   Some notes on duality in refinement algebra
 14.30 Britta Kehden
   Combining relational methods and evolutionary algorithms
 14.50 Joel Glanfield
   RelAPS: A proof system for relational categories
 15.30-16.00 Coffee
 16.00-18.00 Student Session 2
 16.00 Stephanie Balzer
   Relations for specifying the invariant behaviour of object collaborations
 16.20 Leonardo Freitas
   Model checking support for Circus
 16.40 Andrew Hughes
   Nomadic time
 17.00 Jos'e Juan Palacios P'erez
   A topological analysis of event structures
 17.20 David Robinson
   Resolution-based natural deduction for modal logics
 19.00 RelMiCS/AKA Welcome Reception
   Fossil Gallery, Manchester Museum

Last updated 17 Jul 2006.