Accepted Papers:

  • Kamal Aboul-Hosn.
    An Axiomatization of Arrays for Kleene Algebra with Tests
  • Kamal Aboul-Hosn and Dexter Kozen.
    Local Variable Scoping and Kleene Algebra With Tests
  • Wojciech Buszkowski.
    On the Complexity of the Equational Theory of Relational Action Algebras
  • Jean-Lou De Carufel and Jules Desharnais.
    Demonic algebra with domain
  • Wojciech Dzik, Ewa Orlowska and Clint van Alten.
    Relational representation theorems for lattices with negation
  • Ivo DŁntsch, Wendy MacCaull, Dimiter Vakarelov and Michael Winter.
    Topological Representation of Contact Lattices
  • Ivo DŁntsch and Alasdair Urquhart.
    Betweenness and comparability obtained from binary relations
  • Marcelo Frias, Rodolfo Gamarra, Gabriela Steren and Lorena Bourg.
    Monotonicity Analysis Speeds Up Verification
  • Stephane Gaubert and Ricardo Katz.
    Max-plus convex geometry
  • Wolfram Kahl.
    Programming with Relations in Haskell
  • Yasuo Kawahara.
    On the Cardinality of Relations
  • Britta Kehden.
    Evaluating Sets of Search Points using Relational Algebra
  • Tadeusz Litak.
    Algebraization of hybrid logic with binders
  • Annabelle McIver, Ernie Cohen and Carroll Morgan.
    Probabilistic Kleene Algebra: Introduction and example
  • Bernhard Moeller, Peter Hoefner and Kim Solin.
    Omega Algebra, Demonic Refinement Algebra and Commands
  • Bernhard Moeller and Peter Hoefner.
    Lazy Semiring Neighbours and some Applications
  • Ingrid Rewitzky and Chris Brink.
    Monotone predicate transformers as up-closed multirelations
  • Berghammer Rudolf.
    Computing and Visualizing Lattices of Subgroups using Relation Algebra and RelView
  • Gunther Schmidt.
    Homomorphism and Isomorphism Theorems - Generalized from a Relational Perspective
  • Gunther Schmidt.
    Relational Measures and Integration
  • Giuseppe Scollo, Giuditta Franco and Vincenzo Manca.
    A relational view of recurrence and attractors in state transition dynamics
  • Kim Solin.
    On Two Dually Nondeterministic Refinement Algebras
  • Andrzej Szalas and Jerzy Tyszkiewicz.
    On the Fixpoint Theory of Equality and its Applications
  • Toshinori Takai and Hitoshi Furusawa.
    Monodic tree Kleene algebra
  • Michael Winter.
    Weak Relational Products

Last updated 11 May 2006.