Excursion & conference dinner:

On Friday, 1 September, the conference will offer an excursion to the Quarry Bank Mill followed by the conference dinner.

Please sign up for the excursion and conference dinner on the registration page by 7th of August 2006. Places cannot be guaranteed after this date. The charge for the excursion and conference dinner is 55.


Quarry Bank Mill

Quarry Bank Mill is a living museum and a working mill set in wooded country side. It provides a unique experience of the industrial past of Manchester and the UK. There are demonstrations throughout the mill of the development and history of the cotton spinning process, from the simple wheel to the Spinning Jenny and Crompton's Mule which can be seen in action. Today the mill still produces cloth. It is one of the last working water-powered cotton mills in the world. One can see (feel and smell) the steam engines, the water wheel and the turbines.

The excursion includes the popular tour of the Quarry Bank Mill's Apprentice House. This is where the children who worked in the mill once lived. The Apprentice House has been restored to recreate life in the 1830s and interpreters in costumes of the time tell stories of every detail of the childrens' lifes.

All delightfully done and highly recommended!

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the Stanneylands Hotel, an exclusive Country House Hotel.

  Stanneylands_hotel_outside Stanneylands_hotel_reception Stanneylands_hotel_inside

Last updated 15 Aug 2006.