A person's success should be judged not by the position which this person currently holds, but by the second derivative of his or her position with respect to time.

Professional Qualifications

2003 PhD in Computational Physics, title: Mesoscopic Modelling of Liquid Crystals Mixtures (Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.)

2001 Teaching in Higher Education (Level 3) - one-year course, which enables to teach in higher education institutions in UK (Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.)

2000 Mphil, transfer to PhD in Computational Physics - Data Analysis, Computer Simulation of Liquids, Mathematical Modelling... (Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.)

1998 Specialist (MSc) Degree in Physics - Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Singular Optics, NMR, Raman Spectroscopy of Soft Matter... (National Kiev University, Ukraine)

1997 Bachelor Degree in Physics - General Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy... (National Kiev University, Ukraine)

1993 Engineer Diploma in Control Systems and Automatics - Material Science, Electrical Engineering, Error Estimation, Physics, Mathematics... (Ternopil Technical School, Ukraine)

Publications and Presentations (Chronologically)

Talk on 3d International Workshop on Middleware Grid Computing, Grenoble-France (November 2005), On The Flexibility of WS-Agreement for Job Submission (Site, Pdf)

Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Middleware for Ggrid Computing MGC '05, vol. 117, 1-6 (November 2005), ON THE FLEXIBILITY OF WS-AGREEMENT FOR JOB SUBMISSION, Rizos Sakellariou and Viktor Yarmolenko (BibTex, DOI, pdf formatPdf 517K)

IEE Proceedings - Vision, Image & Signal Processing, Vol.152, Issue 6, 665-667 (2005) PRE-COMMERCIAL 3D DIGITAL TV STUDIO, J.-C. Nebel, W. P. Cockshott, Viktor Yarmolenko, E. Borland, D. MacVicar (Site, Pdf)

Talk on All Hands Meeting AHM'05, Nottingham-UK (September 2005), SLA Based Job Scheduling (Site, Pdf)

Proceedings of the All Hands Meeting AHM'05, Nottingham-UK (September 2005) SLA BASED JOB SCHEDULING: A CASE STUDY ON POLICIES FOR NEGOTIATION WITH WITH RESOURCES, Viktor Yarmolenko, Rizos Sakellariou, Djamila Ouelhadj, Jonathan M Garibaldi (Site, Pdf)

Presented on 2d International Workshop on Middleware Grid Computing, Toronto-Canada (October 2004), JPIE INTERFACE

Proceedings of the International Middleware Conference (MGC), Toronto-Canada (October 2004), JPIE INTERFACE: A JAVA IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PI-CALCULUS FOR GRID COMPUTING, V.Yarmolenko, P. Cockshott, E. Borland, L. Mackenzie, P. Graham

Proceedings of the All Hands Meeting 04, Nottingham-UK (September 2004), Applying the GRID to cartoon animation - PGP Grid Project, Ewan Borland, Paul Cockshott, Viktor Yarmolenko, Lewis Mackenzie, Xiangyang Ju (Site, Pdf)

Invited Lecture at Karlsruhe University, Karlsruhe-Germany (March 2004), STEREO-PHOTOGRAMMETRY IN MEDICAL IMAGING

Invited Talk to 10th Global Grid Forum, Berlin-Germany (March 2004), PGP GRID PROJECT - A Java API For Dynamic Workflow

Proceedings to 10th Global Grid Forum, Berlin-Germany (March 2004), PGP GRID PROJECT, V. Yarmolenko, P. Cockshott, L. Mackenzie

PhD Thesis, LATTICE MODELLING OF LIQUID CRYSTAL MIXTURES, Sheffield Hallam University (4 September 2003)

Presented on European Conference on Computational Physics in Aachen, Germany (September 2001), EFFECT OF BINARY MIXTURES ON ISOTROPIC-NEMATIC TRANSITION. A LATTICE MODEL STUDY

Presented on European Liquid Crystals Conference in Halle, Germany (March 2001), LATTICE MODELLING OF LIQUID CRYSTAL MIXTURES

Presented on International Complex Fluid Conference in Sheffield, UK (September 2000), MESOSCOPIC MODELLING OF LIQUID CRYSTAL COEXISTENCE

"Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals", Section A, part IV, p.2487-2494, (July 1998), LOW FREQUENCY RELAXATION PROCESSES IN A PDLC, O. Kovalchuk, V. Reshetnyak, V. Yarmolenko, O. Yaroshchuk

Presented on International Liquid Crystals Conference in Strasbourg, France (June 1998) PHOTO INDUCED RELAXATION OF DIRECTOR OF WEAKLY TWISTED NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTAL, A. Iljin, V. Reshetnyak, Yu. Reznikov, V. Yarmolenko

Other (Less tangible)

In the last year initiated, co-wrote and submitted two EPSRC grant proposals.

Played a major role in a design of and coded a Java interface for distributed computing with the dynamic workflow - Jπ Interface.

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