On the right hand side of this page, the link under the C.V. section leads to Viktor's brief Curriculum Vitae. Note that if you have a job on offer and would like to see his full up to date C.V. you can contact Viktor via or phone. Below is a brief description of what Viktor is looking for in the job.

if ((job satisfaction && small money) || big money)
High result on the job
Poor productivity, focus and motivation…

Someone described an ideal job as either a well paid nightmare or a poorly paid job that one enjoys and would do as a hobby irrespective of the source of the income. This resonates with Viktor's principles and his approach to life. His productivity and creativity are stimulated by the two factors, mentioned above. Brief description of the two factors follows.

Job Satisfaction: Ideally Viktor would like to design algorithms for intelligent systems. Work might involve research, computer simulation, numerical modelling, design and/or maintenance of a technological product with challenging complexity. Continuous necessity to learn, owing to the nature of the job, is a benefit. Feel free to contact Viktor if you wish discuss this subject in more detail.

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