This page contains photographic images featuring Viktor and his wife, ocasionally just places. Photographs are sorted according in alphabetical order of respective places. Average size of photographs about 140k. Click on images to enlarge.

Beautiful city Aachen, Germany (Spring 2001)

Ever so moody Amsterdam, Netherlands (Spring 2001)

Touching the western roots in Athens (Athina), Greece (February 2006)

Baden Baden, Germany (March 2004)

A scent of history in Beamish, England

N days and M nights in Berlin, Germany (Spring 2001)

Where the music is playing, Bremen, Germany (2004)

Times and cultures meet in Bruxelles, Belgium (Spring 2001)

A sweet melody of Kyiv(Kiev), Ukraine (September 2004)

Life with the view... Lindos, Rhodes Greece (April 2006)

Small but huge Luxemburg (2004)

Pause and listen to the roar of Niagara Falls, Canada (October 2004)

All the worries simply desolve in Paris (2004)

Sitting pretty in Rodos (Rhodes), Rhodes Greece (April 2006)

Magnificent countryside in Scotland, UK (2004)

Be hypnotised in Tokyo, Japan (May 2006)

Feeling small in Toronto, Canada (October 2004)

A fine balance between business and pleasure is kept in Zurich (2002)

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