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Research Interests

Computer Vision,computer animation, human-computer interaction, learning spatio-temporal models of object behaviour, face and gesture recognition, behaviour synthesis, modelling human interactions, real-time hand and 3D body tracking.

Research Projects

Current Research

[Image of real-time hand tracking] Clustering with Uncertainty
Robust estimation of Gaussian mixtures from noisy data.
[Image 3D body tracking] 3D Articulated Body Tracking
Real time body tracking.
[Image of real-time hand tracking] Real-time hand tracking
Real time hand tracking using annealed particle filtering and a variable length Markov model (VLMM).

Previous Research

[Image of traffic Interaction] Traffic Interactions
Modelling traffic interaction using learnt qualitative spatio-temporal relations and variable length Markov models
[Image of behaviour synthesis] VLMMs of behaviour
Learning variable length markov models of human behaviour
[Image of synthetic handshake] Synthetic Interaction
Synthesising an interactive agent by learning from the interactive behaviour of people
[Image of Court21] Court21
Collaborative Virtual Environments