Alvaro A.A. Fernandes: Papers (by Year) (By Topic)

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Other Documents

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  1. Fernandes, A.A.A. Middleware for Distributed Data Management Invited Chapter in (N. Fielding, R. M. Lee and G. Blank, eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Online Research Methods, ISBN 978-1-4129-2293-7, 2008
    (.pdf Preprint)
  2. Aragão, M.A.T., Fernandes, A.A.A. Combined Inference Databases Technical Report, Version 1.0.0, June 2004
    ( .pdf (Unpublished Draft) )
  3. Fernandes, A.A.A. Where from? Where now? Where to? Invited Article on Database Technology in Public Service Review: Central Government: Spring 2004, pp. 204-205, PSCA International Ltd.
  4. Fernandes, A.A.A. [with massive input from the myGrid and Polar* teams] myGrid: Grid Services for Data-Intensive Bioinformatics Invited Talk to the Objects in Bio- & Chem-Informatics 2002 Conference (OiBC-2002), Washington, DC, USA, November 18-19, 2002.
    (zipped PowerPoint presentation)
  5. Fernandes, A.A.A., Paton, N.W. Databases Invited Article in R. Meyers (ed.) Encyclopedia of Physical Science & Technology, 3rd. ed., Vol. 4, Section 6.03, Academic Press, 2001. ISBN 0122274105.
  6. Fernandes, A.A.A., and Ohene-Djan, James, An Approach to Personalization and Adaptivity in Hyperlink-Based Systems.
    [Notes] (.ps)
    [Slides] (.ps) for a talk at the Department of Computer Science, University of Cardiff. September 1998.

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