Introductory Talk

Here are the slides from the talk.


9:15-10:45 Lecture
11:00-12:30 Lab/Lecture
13:45-15:15 Lecture/Lab
15:30-17:00 Lab
Introduction to
the Semantic Web [IRH]
LECTURE: Ontology Languages for
the Semantic Web [IRH]
LAB: Protégé-OWL tutorial Protégé-OWL tutorial (+ web sites
and applications)
Ontology building
methodologies [ALR]
"Card sorting" and
An Introduction to
Description Logics [IRH]
Ontology building
in Protégé-OWL
Ontology problems [ALR]
Ontology problems lab
Reasoning with OWL [IRH]
DL Reasoning Lab
Time and space [ALR]
Ontology patterns lab
DL Reasoning [IRH]
Catch up/Revision
Top level ontologies [ALR]
Lab on alignment with top level
Summary and review [IRH & ALR]
Start ontology building lab

Course material

Preparatory Reading

You should have downloaded, at least started to read, and ideally started to work through some of the "Practical Guide To Building OWL Ontologies With The Protégé-OWL Plugin" before the start of the course.

Primary Course Text (should be in library):

Other Recommended Texts (should be in library):

Other Background Reading:

Lecture notes:


The deadline for handing in Lab work is:

Work must be handed in electronically using the Bodington system. You will each be provided with a username and password for the system (anyone not officially registered for the course by still wanting to hand in lab work will need to ask for a login and password). This will give you access to five electronic "pigeon holes", one for each of the four lab exercise and one for the miniproject. You must create a zip file containing all the work to be handed in for that lab and upload it into the pigeon hole—each pigeon hole can only hold one file.

Past Exam Papers (plus additional example questions):

Other Course Material:



Ben Blundell would be grateful if you would complete an on-line questionnaire on Human Computer Interaction and Visualisation with Protégé