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fifth Annual bio-Ontologies Meeting: Programme

The programme in PDF.

the titles of the presentations i the programme below form links to the talk's abstract. the slides, indexed by author, can be found below.

Time Title Author Affiliation
0900 -- 0915 Introductory remarks Robert Stevens University of Manchester, UK
0915 -- 1015 Medical natural language understanding as a therapy for "arachnidism" and "arachnofobia". Werner Ceusters Director R&D of Language & Computing nv
1015 -- 1045 Using the Gene Ontology: gene product annotation Midori Harris European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
1045 -- 1100 The Use of Ontologies in Drug Discovery Julie Barnes, Michelle Maxwell, Nick Tilford, Sonia Patel, Tom Flanigan, Wendy Jones, Gemma Williams, Conor McMenamin, Arthur Thomas and Gordon Baxter BioWisdom Limited, UK
1100 -- 1130Coffee
1130 -- 1200 Ontology development in model organism database systems: The Gene Ontology and the Mouse Genome Informatics system Judith A Blake and the Mouse Genome Informatics Group. MGI Group, Jackson Lab, USA
1200 -- 1230 Semantic similarity across the Gene Ontology relating sequence and annotation Phil Lord, Robert Stevens, Andy Brass and Carole Goble University of Manchester, UK
1230 -- 1300 The NCI Thesaurus: A Controlled Vocabulary Of NCI Functions Gilberto Fragoso NCI, USA
1300 -- 1400Luncheon
1400 -- 1415Integrating Gene Ontology classifications and experimental results within Spotfire’s DecisionSite analytics environment Donald Sullivan Spotfire Inc, USA
1415 -- 1430 The MGED Ontology Is An Experimental Ontology Chris Stoeckert and the MGED Ontology Working Group University of Pennsylvania, USA
1430 -- 1500 Experiences in visualizing and navigating biomedical ontologies and knowledge bases Olivier Bodenreider NLM, USA
1500 -- 1530 Integrating bio-ontologies with a workflow/Petri Net model to qualitatively represent and simulate biological systems Mor Peleg, Irene S. Gabashvili, and Russ B. Altman, Stanford Medical Informatics, Stanford Medical Informatics, USA
1530 -- 1600Coffee
1600 -- 1630 Using Ontologies to Derive Transitive Queries Graham J.L. Kemp Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
1630 -- 1645 Design and implementation of a knowledge-base for pharmacology George Acquaah-Mensah, Larrry Hunter, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA
1645 -- 1700 An Ontology for Subcellular Localization Iwei Yeh and Russ Altman Stanford Medical Informatics Group

Presentation Slides