LPAR'2000 list of accepted papers (with links to abstracts)

  1. A New Model Construction for the Polymorphic Lambda Calculus, Dieter Spreen
  2. Proof Simplification for Model Generation and Its Applications, Miyuki Koshimura, Ryuzo Hasegawa
  3. Equational Binary Decision Diagrams, Jan Friso Groote, Jaco van de Pol
  4. The Boundary between Decidable and Undecidable Fragments of the Fluent Calculus, Steffen Hoelldobler, Dietrich Kuske
  5. Static Reduction Analysis for Imperative Object-Oriented Languages, Gilles Barthe, Bernard Serpette
  6. A Tactic Language for the System Coq, David Delahaye
  7. Encoding Temporal Logics in Executable Z:A Case Study for the ZETA System, Wolfgang Grieskamp, Markus Lepper
  8. An Abstract Interpretation approach to Termination of Logic, Roberta Gori
  9. Behavioural constructor implementation for regular algebras, Slawomir Lasota
  10. Query Containment Using a DLR ABox, I. Horrocks, U. Sattler, S. Tessaris, S. Tobies
  11. Efficient first order functional program interpreter with time bound certifications, J.-Y. Marion, J.-Y. Moyen
  12. Efficient Structural Information Analysis for Real CLP Languages, Roberto Bagnara, Patricia M. Hill, Enea Zaffanella
  13. An Extensible Proof Text Editor, Thomas Hallgren, Aarne Ranta
  14. Using an Abstract Representation to Specialize Functional Logic Programs, Elvira Albert, Michael Hanus, German Vidal
  15. Proof-search in implicative linear logic as a matching problem, Philippe de Groote
  16. On the Alternation-free Horn mu-calculus, Jean-Marc Talbot
  17. Have SPASS with OCC1N^=_g, Christian G. Fermuller, Georeg Moser
  18. Binding-Time Analysis by Constraint Solving:A modular and higher-order approach for Mercury, Wim Vanhoof
  19. Logic Programming Approaches for Representing and Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Comparison, Nikolay Pelov, Emmanuel De Mot, Marc Denecker
  20. A Kripkean Semantics for Dynamic Logic, Jan Sefranek
  21. A PVS Proof Obligation Generator for Lustre Programs, Cecile Canovas-Dumas, Paul Caspi
  22. Solving Planning Problems by Partial Deduction, Helko Lehmann, Michael Leuschel
  23. Quantified Propositional Goedel Logics, Matthias Baaz, Agata Ciabattoni, Richard Zach
  24. Querying Inconsistent Databases, S.Greco, E. Zumpano
  25. Playing Logic Programs with the Alpha-Beta Algorithm, Roberto Di Cosmo, Jean-Vincent Loddo
  26. On Church's Lambda Delta Calculus, Richard Statman

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