Please check out the new list: this one is no longer maintained, outdated, and will eventually disappear!

This page contains two lists(*) of Description Logic reasoners, together with a description of their capabilities and links to their web page. The first list is about reasoners which are currently being enhanced, maintained, and worked on. The second list is about reasoners which are possibly still available, yet have not been modified for a longer period of time. It is maintained by Uli Sattler. If you want your reasoner to be added to this web page or want to update or modify one of the entries, please send me an email.

The descriptions given for the reasoners reflect my view of what they do, and are kept very short so as to provide an overview: to learn more about their full capabilities, please visit the corresponding web page.

A list of implementations around OWL 2 (including reasoners, APIs, editors...) can be found at OWL 2's implementation site.


DESCRIPTION LOGIC REASONERS which are no longer actively supported

(*) in alphabetical order