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A blue ball I live in Manchester,
where I am a professor in the Information Management Group within the Department of Computer Science of the University of Manchester, a Deputy Head of Department, and a Senior Mentor.
My address is: Department of Computer Science (building 39 on this map), University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Office: Room 2.121
Voice (+44-161) 275-6176
Fax (+44-161) 275-6236
uli.sattler@manchester.ac.uk - please note that my very old email address sattler@cs.man.ac.uk no longer works and fails silently!

A blue ball Scientific Interests
My general research interests are in logics for knowledge representation and automated deduction. More specifically, I am interested in Description, Modal, and Dynamic Logics, the corresponding inference problems, their complexity, and decision procedures for these problems.

Description Logics are a family of knowledge representation formalisms with several nice properties such as high expressive power, well-defined semantics, decidable inference problems, and practicable inference algorithms for these problems. I work on Description Logics as the logical underpinning of ontology languages such as OWL and OWL 2; their usage, for example, in molecular biology; practical inference algorithms for highly expressive Description Logics; and on the complexity of and inference algorithms for Description, Modal, and Dynamic Logics, using e.g., automata-based and tableau-based techniques.
Have a look at our OWL in Manchester web site, with a list of DL reasoners.

A blue ball Announcements and news:

A blue ball Publications and talks
Here is a shiny DBLP Publication List and google scholar is so kind to maintain my citations.

A blue ball Teaching and Supervision
If you consider doing your Ph.D. in logic-based knowledge representation, ontologies, or Description or Modal Logics, and would like to do it within our great, cross-disciplinary IMG group and under my supervision, please have a look at the departmental web page for future Ph.D. students and let me know.

I teach, together with Bijan Parsia and the friendly support of <oXygen/> XML editor, COMP60411 on modelling data on the Web. I also teach, with Stewart Blakeway, Aphrodite Galata , and Duncan Hull, COMP10120 First Year Team Project.

Currently, I am co-supervising the following PhD students: Eleanor Turner The following is a list of people with a PhD that I have had the great pleasure to co-supervise in the past: Lei Li, Birte Glimm, Matthew Horridge, Peihong Ke , Pavel Klinov, Chiara Del Vescovo, Samantha Bail, Rafael Goncalves, Nico Matentzoglu, Kody Moodley, Tahani Alsubait, Jared Leo, Viachaslau (Slava) Sazonau, Ghader Kurdi, Chris Kindermann, Mirantha Jayathilaka, Deborah Mendes Fereira, Haoruo Zhao, Jake Saunders, Yulia Rozanova, and Ruba Alassaf.

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