COMP80122: Research Seminar

This is the web page where you will find news and more information about COMP80122. There is, additionally, the page from the syllabus. The course is taught by Carole Goble and Uli Sattler.

Timing and Deliverables:

The general part is during Week 7-9 (Mondays and Wednesdays) of Semester 2; after Wednesday, March 25th, we split up into small groups where each student gives a 15 minute presentation on their research. In addition, students write and submit critiques on some VideoLecture presentations.

From Wednesday, March 18th, we will no longer have face-to-face teaching session, but will have a Blackboard Collaborate session: check your email for a link to the session and email me if you didn't get this email. In general and if your circumstances allow this, please keep an eye on your email: our organisation is partly via email and we need you to watch this space!

  1. Active participation in all sessions during weeks 7-12 of Semester 2
  2. A 15 minute presentation on a topic of your choice, ideally your PhD research
  3. New: Critiques of 5 presentations of a selection of videolecture presentations: email me your suggestions

Slides and Material:

We will make the current version of the slides and material used available here: The following slides are from last year: