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People at the Manchester Robotics and Autonomous Systems Research Group

Lecturer in Robotics

  Robert C. Richardson received the B.Eng degree in Mechatronics from the University of Leeds, UK, in 1997. In July 2001, he obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds, UK, for a thesis titled 'Actuation and Control for a physiotherapy robot'. His thesis involved the application of neurologically based controllers on a novel robot design to encourage recovery of the upper-limb after stroke. He became a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Leeds, UK, in January 2001, working on the design, control and actuation of a cardiac assist device. In January 2002 he became a teaching fellow at the University of Leeds , responsible for the mechatronics undergraduate course and lectured modules in actuator systems and digital control. In April 2003 he took up the post of lecturer in robotics, at the Department of Computer Science , University of Manchester, UK as part of the artificial intelligence group. He is currently responsible for the undergraduate and MSc courses in robotics. His current research interests include rehabilitation robotics, robot and human interaction, modern actuator systems, and advanced control systems.  He is a chartered member of the IMechE. Click here for more detail


  Dr. Robert Richardson  

Research Associate

  Robin Scott obtained his undergraduate MEng in Mechatronics from the University of Leeds in 1998 and in 2002 obtained his PhD also from the University of Leeds with a thesis entitled “Robust Control of a Smart Vibrating Structure”. He then became a research Associate at the University of Leeds studying the vibration control of rotating machines. He currently is a Research Associate in Robotics at the University of Manchester within the Department of Computer Science. His research interests include advanced control systems, novel intelligent robotic systems and search and rescue robotics.


  Dr. Robin Scott  

Robot design, development and maintenance

  Andrew Pickering has been a member of the Robotics Group since its inception in 1994. He obtained an HND in Electronic Engineering in 1996 and a BSc. from the Open University in 2001 specialising in Computing and IT. He is currently studying for an MSc. in Advanced Computer Science and writing a thesis entitled "A Framework for Supporting Visual Radio Propagation Simulations". His work in robotics involves the design, development and maintenance of mechanical, electronic and software systems whilst supporting research, taught courses and project students. He is also a member of the Mobile Systems Architecture Group.


  Mr. Andrew Pickering  

PhD Students

  Project: Active touch for robotic applications.

  Mr. Pele Odiase  
  Project: Multiple agents for robot search applications.

  Mr Vishnu Arun Kumar  
  Project: UAV for perch and stare.

  Project: Reconfigurable robots for space applications.


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