I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. I belong to the Formal Methods Group .

I have two main areas of interest. The first is Theorem Proving. I am one of the developers of the Vampire first-order ATP system, joining the team in 2014. I am interested in theoretical and practical extensions that improve the prover's performance, applicability and usability. The second area of interest is Runtime Verification. I develop the MarQ monitoring tool, help organise the RV competition, and am on the Steering Committee of the RV Conference series. See the relevant pages on this site for more information.

I am keen to collaborate on new research projects and to supervise able and interested PhD students. Please see my Research page for an idea of what I do and feel free to contact me with any thoughts.

I was previously a Postdoctoral Research Associate (2014-2016) and PhD Student (2010-2014) in the same research group. My postdoc started my work on the Vampire system where I looked at finite model finding, theory reasoning and collaborative provers. My PhD was on runtime verification, looking at specification languages and monitoring algorithms, and specification mining.

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