A Logical Approach to Component-based Software Development

Some Ingredients of Trusted Components.
K.-K. Lau. In Proceedings of Workshop on Trusted Components, pages 1-5, January 2003, Prato, Italy.
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Logic for Component-based Software Development.
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. In A. Kakas and F. Sadri, editors, Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2407, pages 347-373, Springer-Verlag, 2002.
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A Priori Reasoning for Component-based Software Development.
K.-K. Lau. In Proceedings of the First CoLogNET Workshop on Component-based Software Development and Implementation Technology for Computational Logic Systems, Technical Report CLIP4/02.0, School of Computer Science, Technical University of Madrid, pages 5-19, 2002.
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Specification of Software Components.
F. Lüders, K.-K. Lau, and S.M. Ho. In I. Crnkovic and M. Larsson, editors, Building Reliable Component-based Software Systems, Chapter 2, pages 23-38, Artech House, 2002.
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A Formal Approach to Software Component Specification.
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. In D. Giannakopoulou, G.T. Leavens and M. Sitaraman, editors, Proceedings of Specification and Verification of Component-based Systems Workshop at OOPSLA2001, pages 88-96, Tampa, USA, October 2001.
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Component Certification and System Prediction: Is there a Role for Formality?
K.-K. Lau. In I. Crnkovic, H. Schmidt, J. Stafford and K. Wallnau, editors, Proceedings of the Fourth ICSE Workshop on Component-based Software Engineering, pages 80-83, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001.
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