A Formal Framework

Isoinitial Semantics for Logic Programs.
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. In J.W. Lloyd et al, editors, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computational Logic, Lecture Notes in Artifical Intelligence 1861: 223-238, Springer-Verlag, 2000.
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Isoinitial Models for Logic Programs: A Preliminary Study.
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. In J.L. Freire-Nistal, M. Falaschi, and M. Vilares-Ferro, editors, Proceedings of the 1998 Joint Conference on Declarative Programming, pages 443-455, A Coruna, Spain, July 1998.
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On Specification Frameworks and Deductive Synthesis of Logic Programs.
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. In L. Fribourg and F. Turini, editors, Proceedings of LOPSTR'94 and META'94, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 883, pages 104-121, Springer-Verlag, 1994.
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Towards a Formal Framework for Deductive Synthesis of Logic Programs
K.-K. Lau and M. Ornaghi. Technical Report UMCS-92-11-2, Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, November 1992.

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