JICSLP'98 List of Accepted Papers


1998 Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming

15-19 June 1998

Manchester, UK

List of Accepted Papers

Normal Forms for Defeasible Logic
G. Antoniou, D. Billington and M.J. Maher
mjm@cit.gu.edu.au, ga@cit.gu.edu.au, db@cit.gu.edu.au

Greedy Algorithms in Datalog with Choice and Negation
Sergio Greco and Carlo Zaniolo
greco@si.deis.unical.it, zaniolo@cs.ucla.edu

Termination Analysis: Some Practical Properties of the Norm and Level Mapping Space
Stefaan Decorte and Danny De Schreye

Proof-Theoretic Foundation of Compilation in Logic Programming Languages
Iliano Cervesato

On Logically Justified Updates
M. Dekhtyar, A. Dikovsky and N. Spyratos
dikovsky@spp.keldysh.ru, dikovsky@univ-paris12.fr

On the Representation and Management of Finite Sets in CLP-languages
Agostino Dovier, Carla Piazza, Enrico Pontelli and Gianfranco Rossi

A High-Level Intermediate Language and the Algorithms for Compiling Finite-Domain Constraints
Neng-Fa Zhou

Meta Linear Constraint in Constraint Logic Programming
Philippe Refalo

Co-definite Set Constraints with Membership Expressions
P. Devienne, Jean-Marc Talbot and S. Tison

Program Specialisation and Abstract Interpretation Reconciled
Michael Leuschel

Abstract Compilation of Lambda Prolog
F. Malesieux, O. Ridoux and P. Boizumault

Iterated Logic Program Updates
J. Leite and L.M. Pereira

Specialising The Other Way Around
Wim Vanhoof, Bern Martens, Danny De Schreye and Karel De Vlaminck

Admissible Graph Rewriting and Narrowing
Rachid Echahed and J-C. Janodet

Distance: a New Metric for Controlling Granularity for Parallel Execution
Kish Shen, Vitor Santos Costa and Andy King

VisAll: A New Tool to Visualise Parallel Execution of Logic Programs
Nuno Fonseca, Vitor Santos Costa and Ines de Castro Dutra

Regular Extension Semantics and Disjunctive Eshghi-Kowalski Procedure
Jia-Huai You, Li Yan Yuan and Randy Goebel

Efficient Implementation of a Linear Logic Programming Language
Joshua S. Hodas, Kevin M. Watkins, Naoyuki Tamura and Kyoung-Sun Kang
hodas@cs.hmc.edu, kwatkins@cs.hmc.edu

On the Optimality of Scheduling Strategies in Subsumption-based Tabled Resolution
Prasad Rao, C.R. Ramakrishnan and I.V. Ramakrishnan

Source-to-source PROLOG Program Compression
Philippe Devienne, Anne Parrain, Patrick Taillibert and Serge Varennes

Beyond Success and Failure
Sandro Etalle and Femke van Raamsdonk

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