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JICSLP'98 Post-Conference Workshop on

Automated Software Engineering and Logic Programming

Saturday 20 June 1998

Manchester, UK

List of Participants

Name Email Address
Pierre Flener
Norbert Fuchs
Jan Hric
Tim Kremann
Kung-Kiu Lau
Michael Leuschel
Bern Martens
Brad Martin
Julian Richardson
Steven Roach
Dave Robertson
Petr Stepanek
Wamberto Vasconcelos
Walter Wilson

Record of Meeting

The meeting was conducted as a round-table discussion by Kung-Kiu Lau in an informal manner. A brief summary follows.

Themes and Goals

The discussion was focused on 2 themes:

Whilst the first theme was mainly intended for the LOPSTR people present (who were the majority), the second theme benefited from the presence of Tim Kremann, Brad Martin and Steven Roach, who are associated with the ASE conference. The ASE/LOPSTR theme took up most of the discussion time, since the ase/lp theme was too broad an issue to tackle in such a brief time.

On the automated software engineering/LP theme, it was generally agreed that LP, in particular its relevance for Software Engineering (SE), is somewhat misunderstood by the SE community. It was also agreed that the LP community should identify more clearly the role of lp in the Software Life Cyle. On the whole, the LP community has so far failed to address SE properly, despite the Practical Applications conferences.

Both LOPSTR and ASE aim to take up the challenge of making an impact on mainstream SE. LOPSTR will continue to place its emphasis on logic-based techniques, while ASE will take a more general Formal Methods stance but with automation as its key objective. Both ASE and LOPSTR agree that the way to achieve this goal is to study relevant theory, design practical techniques and tools, and conduct suitable empirical studies.

Where we are now (ASE and LOPSTR)

A brief survey of LOPSTR and ASE, and a comparison between the two, concluded that:

What we should do (ASE and LOPSTR)

It was agreed that it would be desirable for ASE and LOPSTR to

What LOPSTR should do

On top of these, the LOPSTR people present also agreed that

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