Example Web form

This is a simple example form to demonstrate the use of the CGI module. It calls the CGI script simple-form.CGI

It has been adapted by GDG from the cgi-lib example of Steven E. Brenner / cgi-lib@pobox.com.

Many useful Perl links, including a local copy of the CGI module documentation, can be found by following the Perl links pointer from my Software Links Page.

An example of a Java servlet to handle a similar form can be found here.

Please answer the following deep and meaningful questions:

What is thy name:

What is thy quest:

What is thy favorite colour:

Which type of animal is your favourite pet?

Dog Cat Bird Fish Amoeba Rock

Which of the following descriptions apply to you

Computer Science Student Witty Intelligent Economical with the truth

What do you have to say for yourself?

Press to submit your query.

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