Agent Dynamic Logic package

Input stream format

The stream should contain a sequence of ADL formulae separated by white space characters. These characters include space, tab, new line, and some other characters. End of the stream is indicated by the EOF character.
Full grammar which the parser accepts is represented in EBNF grammar files for the lexer and the parser. The following is a (very) simplified BNF of the language.
formula := identifier or
~ formula or
( formula & formula ) or
( formula | formula ) or
( formula -> formula ) or
[ action ]_ agent formula or
< action >_ agent formula or
K_ agent formula or
W_ agent formula or
Comm_agent action or
A_agent action
action := identifier or
( action + action ) or
( action ; action ) or
action * or
?( formula ) or
c action or
u action
agent := identifier
identifier := a sequence of (English) alphabet characters followed by any sequence of number and alphabet characters.
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