At present, I am Data Architect for BBC Wales on the Research and Education Space project, which aims at making educational resources available to formal learners in the UK. 

Prior to this, I have been an academic researcher for 4 years and a half at the University of Manchester, UK. During this time I have been working in the field of Description Logics and Ontologies for the Information Management Group of the school of Computer Science.

During these years I have been first a PhD student under the supervision of Uli Sattler and Bijan Parsia for 3 years and 4 months; then, I have been an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow for 11 months; and finally, I have been the named investigator for the EPS Strategic Fund 2013 Project "Context-Oriented Decompositions of Ontologies".

Before moving to Manchester, I have been living in Rome, Italy, for almost all my life, a part from a few periods (one year overall) I have spent in Berlin, Germany, as a student. In Rome I have worked for almost two years as an industrial researcher for a private IT company, CM sistemi S.p.A., that now has completely dismissed its once dynamic R&D branch. 

My first degree is in abstract Mathematics in the field of Arithmetic Geometry under the supervision of Angelo Felice Lopez. Despite feeling some nostalgia for this kind of study from time to time, I love switching between fields, and I am always eager to explore new areas. So, which one is going to be the next?

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