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List of Accepted Papers

Authors Title
9 Yuko Murakami Utilitarian deontic logic
10 Bernhard Heinemann A Two-Sorted Hybrid Logic with Guarded Jumps
13 Carsten Lutz, Frank Wolter Modal Logics of Topological Relations
16 Linh Anh Nguyen On the Complexity of Fragments of Modal Logics
17 Martin Lange A Lower Complexity Bound for Propositional Dynamic Logic with Intersection
22 Hans van Ditmarsch, Wiebe van der Hoek, Barteld Kooi Public Announcements and Belief Revision
23 Andrea Ferrara, Paolo Liberatore, Marco Schaerf Model Checking, Preprocessing, and BDD Size
26 Tapani Hyttinen, Tero Tulenheimo Decidability of IF Modal Logic of Perfect Recall
29 Claudia Nalon, Clare Dixon, Michael Fisher Resolution for Synchrony and No Learning
30 Guido Governatori, Antonino Rotolo On the Axiomatization of Elgesem`s Logic of Agency
31 Thomas Müller On the formal structure of continuous action
33 Tadeusz Litak On notions of completeness weaker than Kripke completeness
35 D. Gabelaia, A. Kurucz, M. Zakharyaschev Products of `transitive` modal logics without the (abstract) finite model property
36 Tim French, Ron van der Meyden, Mark Reynolds Complete Axiomatizations for Logics of Knowledge and Past Time
39 Barteld Kooi, Johan van Benthem Reduction axioms for epistemic actions
40 Evan Goris Interpolation and the interpretability logic of PA
41 Boris Konev, Roman Kontchakov, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev On dynamic topological and metric logics
43 Patrick Blackburn, Balder ten Cate Pure Extensions, Proof Rules and Hybrid Axiomatics
45 & 44 Balder ten Cate, Maarten Marx, Petrucio Viana, Nick Bezhanishvili Sahlqvist theory & transfer results for hybrid logic
49 Felix Bou The complexity of strict implication logics
52 I. Shapirovsky PSPACE decision procedure for some transitive modal logics
53 Charles Stewart, Phiniki Stouppa A systematic proof theory for several modal logics
57 Barteld Kooi, Gerard Renardel de Lavalette, Rineke Verbrugge Strong completeness for non-compact hybrid logics
59 Heinrich Wansing Connexive Modal Logic
60 Yutaka Miyazaki Normal modal logics containing KTB with some finiteness conditions
61 Arild Waaler Consistency proofs for systems of multi-agent only knowing
65 Andreas Herzig, Ivan Varzinczak On modularity of theories
66 Valentin Shehtman A new version of the filtration method
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