This page is typically out of date but I try and update it as often as I can

COST Action

I am a Management Committee member and Working Group leader for COST Action 1402 ’Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring’. See the Action website for details.

Program Comittees

I have previously served, or am currently serving, on the Program Committee for SYNSAC 2017, PrePost 2017, ARCADE 2017, IWIL 2017, SYNSAC 2016, PAAR 2016 and ICoICT 2016. I have served on the Tool Comittee for RV 2016. I am PC co-chair for RV 2017.


As of March 2017, I have been an invited reviewer for the Journal of Automated Reasoning, Journal on Formal Methods in System Design, Journal of Science of Computer Programming, and the IEEE Journal for Transactions on Reliability and have been an invited subreviewer for FASE 2011, NFM 2011, RV 2011, 2012 and 2013, FM 2012, TACAS 2013, SEFM 2014, HCVS 2013, CADE 2015, CPP 2016, CICM 2016, LATA 2017, TACAS 2017, SPIN 2017, CADE 2017.