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Professor Alan Rector

Kilburn Building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
United Kingdom
M13 9PL

Tel: +44 161 275 6188
Fax: +44 161 275 6204

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Recent Papers

AIM: a personal view of where I have
been and where we might be going
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
23(1): 111-127 (2001).(pdf)

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A Rector.  Modularisation of Domain Ontologies Implemented in Description Logics and related formalisms including OWL. in Knowledge Capture 2003, (Sanibel Island, FL, 2003), ACM, 121-128.(pdf)

A. Rector. Defaults, context and knowledge: alternatives for OWL-indexed knowledge bases PSB 2003.(pdf)

A. Rector. Analysis of propagation along transitive roles: Formalisation of the GALEN experience with medical ontologies. In Proceedings DL 2002, 2002.(pdf)

A. L. Rector. Normalisation of ontology implementations: Towards modularity, re-use, and maintainability; Proceedings Workshop on Ontologies for Multiagent Systems (OMAS) in conjunction with European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, Siguenza, Spain, 2002.(pdf)

Alan L. Rector, Chris Wroe, Jeremy Rogers, Angus Roberts: Untangling taxonomies and relationships: personal and practical problems in loosely coupled development of large ontologies. K-CAP 2001: 139-146.(pdf)

Alan L. Rector, Peter D. Johnson, Samson W. Tu, Chris Wroe, Jeremy Rogers: Interface of Inference Models with Concept and Medical Record Models. AIME 2001: 314-323.(pdf)

Alan L. Rector: AIM: a personal view of where I have been and where we might be going. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 23(1): 111-127 (2001).(pdf)

Rector AL.Clinical terminology: why is it so hard? Methods Inf Med. 1999 Dec;38(4-5):239-52.(pdf)

Alan L. Rector, Sean Bechhofer, Carole A. Goble, Ian Horrocks, W. A. Nowlan, W. D. Solomon: The GRAIL concept modelling language for medical terminology. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 9(2): 139-171 (1997).(pdf)

Ian Horrocks, Alan L. Rector, Carole A. Goble: A Description Logic Based Schema for the Classification of Medical Data. KRDB 1996.(pdf)

Alan L. Rector: Coordinating Taxonomies: Key to Re-Usable Concept Representations. AIME 1995: 17-28.(pdf)

David Haw, Carole A. Goble, Alan L. Rector: The Pragmatics of Naive Database Enquiry. BNCOD 1995: 79-100.(pdf)

David Haw, Carole A. Goble, Alan L. Rector: GUIDANCE: Making it Easy for the USer to be an Expert. IDS 1994: 25-48.(pdf)

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Alan L. Rector: Helping with a Humanly Impossible Task: Integrating Knowledge Based Systems into Clinical Care. SCAI 1989: 453-465.(pdf)

D. C. Dodson, Alan L. Rector: "Logal": Algorithmic Control Structures for Prolog. IJCAI 1983: 536-538.(pdf)

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