GoRRiLA is a tool for randomly generating (i) linear arithmetic problems and (ii) propositional problems and evaluating solvers on them.

There are a number of parameters which allow to generate small and at the same time hard random problems.

GoRRiLA is a free software distributed under The GNU General Public License.

Download from: GoRRiLA at Google Code.

Examples of some interesting generated problems for linear integer arithmetic with the number of variables 2-4: problems_lia_2_4.tar.gz and linear rational arithmetic with 30 variables: problems_lra_30v.tar.gz.

See also Hard Reality Tool for randomly extracting hard and realistic theory problems (conjunctive constraints) from SMT problems with a non-trivial boolean structure.

Old version of GoRRiLA can be downloaded here: source linux binary (64bit)

Konstantin Korovin