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Joe Mellor:
"Decision Making Using Thompson Sampling" (2014). Currently position: working with me as an EPSRC PhD Plus Researcher.
Roufei He:
"Bayesian Mixture Models for Frequent Itemset Mining." (2012). Current position: Not known.
Chong Liu:
"Reinforcement Learning with Time Perception." (2012). Current position: Not known.
John Michael Butterworth:
"Stability of gradient-based learning dynamics in two-agent imperfect-information games." (2010). Current position: Not known.
Hao Wu:
"Overfitting in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms" (2009). Current position: Strategy and Regional Development Manager at China Telecom Europe London, United Kingdom
Jongchan Park:
"Information Theoretic Approach to Clustering of Amino Acid Sequences and its Use in Protein Sequence Comparison" (2008). Current position: Not known.
Joy Bose:
"Engineering a Sequence Machine Through Spiking Neurons Employing Rank-Order Codes" (2007). (Jointly supervised with Steve Furber.) Current position: Senior Chief Engineer at Samsung Research India Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (Bengaluru Area, India)
Elon Correa:
"Model Complexity and Convergence Pressure in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms" (2005). Current position: Research Associate, School of Chemistry, the University of Manchester.
Jason Fleischer:
``Adaptive Landmark Symbol Learning for Route Communication between Mobile Robots'' (2004). Current position: Assistant Professor, Scripts Research Institute; Senior Fellow, Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, Ca. USA.
Nicholas Fournier:
``Value-Distribution in Constraint Satisfaction Problems'' (2003) Current whereabouts unknown.
Stephen Marsland:
``On-line Novelty Detection through Self-Organization, with Applications to Inspection Robotics'' (2002). (Jointly supervised with Ulrich Nehmzow.) The thesis was a runner up in the BCS Distinguished Dissertations in Computer Science series. Current position: professor of scientific computing in the computer science cluster of the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Sybil Hirsch:
``The Assessment of Artificial Neural Networks and Other Statistical Techniques in Asthma Screening" (1998). Sybil Hirsch is retired from a career as a researcher at the North West Lung Research Centre, Wythenshaw Hospital, Manchester.
Magnus Rattray:
``Modelling the Dynamics of Genetic Algorithms Using Statistical Mechanics" (1996.) Current position: Professor of Computational and Systems Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester.