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Note that I've just cribbed these messages by Jon MacLaren from one of our internal newsgroups for my reference.

ADM Digital Library and pdf2ps

For those of you who are using the ACM digital library - at - you may have had difficulty printing older
papers.  It seems that the ACM have simply scanned in the pages of each
paper, and creating PDF files from the bitmaps.  Twelve pages of text
and equations can result in a 1Mb acrobat file.  When printing from the
acrobat reader on the Suns or Solaris (don't know if linux is better),
the reader turns each page into approximately 17Mb of postscript!! 
Clearly, there are big problems for printing; your machine will run out
of space on /var after about 4 pages, etc..

There is a utility pdf2ps on the Suns - I can't get it to work on
Solaris, but that's probably just me - that only triples the size of the
document from PDF to postscript, i.e. 3Mb of ps for the 1Mb acrobat file
mentioned above.  The print quality appears to be the same - for around
2 orders of magnitude less postscript!  There's no manual page for
pdf2ps, but entering the command without any parameters will give you
usage instructions.

One word of warning: you can't substitute "-" for a filename to mean
stdin or stdout, i.e. if you specify an output file of "-", it will
create a file called "-", which is tricky to remove...

[ For further information, the ACM digital library provides access to
most ACM papers - journals and conference proceedings - and often goes
back to the mid-1980s.  Very useful. ]

Finding citations

Recently I've been using a citation database at:

It's fairly up-to-date (although it doesn't have older articles in it),
and covers technical reports and conference publications as well as
journals.  Perhaps the nicest thing is that it can give you context on
where an article was referenced, i.e. you can read the referencing

Even better, you don't need any username/password to look at it.

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