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Does David Eddings post to

He certainly doesn't post under his own name, and I suspect that even if he ever saw the group, the drivel level (see the Genetics Thread Summary for an example :^)) would rapidly drive him away...

If you want to contact him, the best way is either to do it care of whoever publishes his books in your country, or to contact one of the following email addresses:
The humour-impaired should note that the above addresses are utterly false. HAND!

What Books has David Eddings Written?

Well, he has written a number of series of fantasy novels, along with a few other oddball books which have been centred about the American Northwest.

The Belgariad

  1. Pawn of Prophecy (abbreviated PoP)
  2. Queen of Sorcery (abbreviated QoS)
  3. Magician's Gambit (abbreviated MG)
  4. Castle of Wizardry (abbreviated CoW)
  5. Enchanter's Endgame (abbreviated EE)

The Malloreon

  1. Guardian's of the West (abbreviated GotW)
  2. King of the Murgos (abbreviated KotM)
  3. Demon Lord of Karanda (abbreviated DLoK)
  4. Sorceress of Darshiva (abbreviated SoD)
  5. Seeress of Kell (abbreviated SoK)

The Elenium

  1. The Diamond Throne (abbreviated DT)
  2. The Ruby Knignt (abbreviated RK)
  3. The Sapphire Rose (abbreviated SR)

The Tamuli

  1. Domes of Fire (abbreviated DoF)
  2. The Shining Ones (abbreviated SO)
  3. The Hidden City (abbreviated HC)

The Prequels

  1. Belgarath the Sorceror (with Leigh Eddings)(abbreviated BtS)
  2. Polgara the Sorceress (with Leigh Eddings)(abbreviated PtS)
  3. The Rivan Codex (with Leigh Eddings)(abbreviated tRC)

Other books

  • High Hunt (abbreviated HH)
  • The Losers (abbreviated tL)


Give us afe types a chance to ask him first! More info here when I hear of it.

What is this Bel/Pol prefix business?

`Bel' and `Pol' both mean beloved and nothing more. It's just that `Bel' is the male form and `Pol' is the female form. Beldaran is an anomaly, but languages (especially English) are full of them, so you'd better get used to it...

Does sorcery make you immortal?

Strictly speaking, immortal means that you cannot die. This is conspicuously not the case with the sorcerers in the Belgariad and Malloreon. Instead, sorcerers in these books cease to age once they pass some indeterminate point.

There is a Greek myth wich highlights the difference between these two ideas. In it, a goddess (the dawn goddess Eos - or Aurora in Latin) so loved a human (Prince Tithonus) that she persuaded the Zeus (the chief god) to make him immortal. However she forgot to ask for him to be made non-ageing as well, so he got older and older and more and more decrepit until he pleaded to the chief god to be allowed to die as he just couldn't take being alive any longer. Or something like that... :^)

This illustrates the substantial difference between immortality and non-ageing; the two are not the same.

Thanks to Lucy Lim for tracking down the names in this myth for me.

I have noticed some inconsistencies...

In fact, there have been a lot of inconsistencies noticed by people on this group. I'll try to collect a list together here. Now you can go to a list of inconsistencies that you can add to yourself - please use this (form-based) interface as it saves me a lot of work... :^)

You can add to this list by mailing me at with your suggestions, and I'll stick it in here. Known submitters include:

About Ce'Nedra and Dryad genetics...

There is actually quite a bit of information that I have collected together and puzzled out. Here is some of it...

Among the people who have helped fill in holes in this page are:

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