About me

A picture of me. OK, so I know I'm no oil painting, and the picture is small, of poor quality and unflattering, but it was the best I had with me when I found time on the scanner.

I graduated in Computer Science from Churchill College, Cambridge, U.K. in the summer of 1994. I started work on the Asynchronous Hardware Verification project here at Manchester later that year.

I'm interested in user interfaces (with especial reference to Tcl/Tk), parallel programming, language design, and most theoretical aspects of computing, but especially those where it relates to taking the theory and putting it into practice so that non-theoreticians can use the results obtained therefrom.

I'm also very much into Science Fiction and Fantasy, Programming for Fun, and nice food, and I believe that:

I have had a number of inquiries about my genealogy. Now, while I'm not very interested in this sort of thing, I am happy to put some information up here to help people who are interested.

A not-very-good genealogical picture

After the bit I've put in here, things get complicated as the number of siblings gets quite a lot larger. I've omitted the dates of birth/death as I mostly don't know them (and they'd clutter things up awfully) and I've also omitted surnames for reasons of financial security. I also have a PostScript version of the above picture available.

Food habits: I like (or at least tolerate) pretty much anything except sprouts, rice pudding, marmite, cottage cheese, and cold boiled chicken (don't ask!). I am, however, staying clear of all beef that I don't trust. That's one of the reasons that I don't trust politicians...

Salads are definitely amongst my favourites, along with curry, soup, chocolate, virtually any pudding, great big slabs of burnt flesh (A.K.A. barbequeued chops), roasts, chinese stir-fried meals, ... Arrgh! There's so much nice food!

The nicest beer I've tried recently is Fuller's 1845. Wonderful stuff!

Mail me if you think this description is somewhat sparse. I'm more interesting that the above would make me out to be...

I just discovered that you can get to this page without going through my archive of on-line things. Shall I bother to get this fixed? No...

Donal K. Fellows / Room 2.116 / Dept. Computer Science / University of Manchester / U.K.