Part of Viktor's PhD project was the investigation of the phase behaviour of the binary mixture of liquid crystals using Monte Carlo simulation technique in Canonical Ensemble. The diagram below gives a qualitative picture on the phases of the mixture as the coupling constant is changed. The coupling constant determines the anisotropy of one component in the mixture (changing from 0 (isotropic) to 1 (anisotropic)). The coordinates of the boundaries are not accurate and will be corrected when author gets some free time (at the moment a nematic region on the diagram encroaches on the N+N coexistence envelope for values of the coupling constant > 0.5; and can be switched off by clicking on 'Nematic Phase' on the bottom right side of the Flash panel). To find more about the project and see the correct phase diagrams visit Modelling Group Web Page by clicking at MORE>>

Dynamic Phase Diagram allows user to change the value of coupling constant in the system and instantly see the change on the diagram. A large set of points was calculated for eight different coupling constants, eighteen different concentrations with various temperatures. This allowed author to build eight phase diagrams. Then the rest of the 'frames' were morphed by Flash.

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