These samples give an idea about Viktor's recent research:

Dynamic Phase Diagram - Flash impression on results obtained from NcVT calculations.

Papers are in preparation on the nature of phase transitions in binary and ternary mixtures, based on NcVT and VT calculations (preprints will become available online by the end of 2004).

PhD Thesis on Lattice Modelling of Liquid Crystals Mixtuires will become available online soon.

Grid-enabling of the Stereo-correlator algorithms and
Memory-to-Memory Image Stream Transfer - are the work packages (WP4 and WP5 respectively) of the PGP Grid project for which Viktor is responsible.

Other project grants, once become available, will be posted here. Currently Viktor is expecting results from three submitted grant proposals in which he is participating as named researcher. Two of these were initiated by Viktor. There are two more project proposals being currently prepared by Viktor. The topics range from 3D stereo-correlation techniques in inverse problems of cardiography, IR imaging in veterinary applications, the light steering in 3D video scanner using LC; to the use of Grid technology in Social Sciences and development of the system for CPU marketing on the Grid.

Other Activities

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