Welcome to Viktor Yarmolenko's web page. This site is designed mainly for employers and its primary purpose is to present a comprehensive review of Viktor's professional interests, skills and achievements. Viktor Yarmolenko is currently working on SLA based Grid Scheduling project at the University of Manchester, UK. Viktor is always looking for new and interesting projects (see Interests section). Please do not hesitate to contact Viktor if you have any questions. Meanwhile, you're welcome to browse through this site.

Updates on this site:
24.09.2005 - added pictures to the photo gallery.
18.09.2005 - updated Contact Info, C.V. sections.
- more updates are comming each month(well, they didn't).
22.09.2004 - added more photographs into 'photo gallery'.
21.09.2004 - updated work profile, iterests sections.
16.09.2004 - updated bio section.
25.03.2004 - sooner than anticipated some updates have been made to the first four sections on the right.
25.03.2004 - author enjoys his new job at Glasgow University so much that he has neither time no need to update his site. Nonetheless, the site shell be updated soon. Things to expect: new current projects, new CV, new photos and, possibly, some links and hints to fellow humans.
01.07.2003 - author realized the need to update his site. Owing to the turbulent times at work, he will not be able to update the site sooner than in a fortnight.
28.06.2002 - 'work profile.science.Dynamic Phase Diagam'
26.06.2002 - 'photo gallery'
24.06.2002 - 'work profile.programming'

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