UPDATE: Reviewing this page again in April 2009, it's horribly out of date, and many of the links are broken, I know, but the page seems to get a lot of hits, so it's probably worth leaving up for now. I add some new stuff occasionally too. I should add that I am not actively working in this area. I'm just an interested observer.  —Toby Howard

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April 09

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October 07

Events (info courtesy Christoph Guger from G-tec):

  • eChallenges from October 24 – 26 in The Hague, Netherlands
  • Society for Neuroscience from November 3 – 11 in San Diego, USA with g.tec BCI workshop on November 3
  • MEDICA from November 14 – 17 in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • ICAT from November 28 – 30 in Esbjerg, Denmark
  • BCI 2007 workshop from December 3 – 5 in Rome, Italy

September 07: Controlling a wheelchair by intercepting word vocalizations [New Scientist].

July 07: From a press release: "g.tec will be presenting [at HCII 2007 in Beijing from July 25 to 27, 2007] a brain-computer interface system which enables completely paralysed persons to communicate with their environment. g.MOBIlab+ with wireless data transmission is perfectly suited for this brain-computer communication and will be shown at our booth. Please find a first impression of this technology at www.gtec.at/products/g.BCIsys/bci.htm. g.tec also provides training lectures for brain-computer interface communication in PDF format."

Old stuff... from as far back as 1995...

the brain-computer interface

This page was once selected as a New Scientist Planet Science Site Of The Day.

This page offers some introductory links to sources of information on the Web a bout the Brain-Computer Interface. I've written a couple of (popular science) articles about this:

 research groups and projects
 papers and articles
 neuroscience and technology

 (This section courtesy of Mitch.)

 commercial things
  • VMFX Simulations Inc.. Contact: David Poling, VMFX Simulations Inc., 10902 SW 63rd Ave., Portland, OR 97219, Phone: (503) 977-3551, .
  • IBVA Technologies, Inc, who manufacture EEG device which interface to Macs. This site can be difficult to connect to/download from. IBVA are at 249 East 48th Street, New York, NY 10017. Phone 212 754 4282.
  • WaveRider, a PC/Mac system which monitors heart, brain or muscle signals, and skin resistance, and maps to MIDI.
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