The USS Enterprise Bridge Model

Alan Murta

This is a modelling project which started around 1991, and which has progressed slowly but steadily over the years. The aim is to produce a reasonably accurate facsimile of the U.S.S. Enterprise bridge set (from the original TV series). The work serves no particular purpose at present, other than being an intellectual and creative endeavour. It is believed that only one or two bridge models of comparable detail exist worldwide

Development History

The initial model was specified using Craig Kolb's Rayshade format. Some ray-traced renderings of the prototype model from around 1993 are shown above.

More recent model versions use the Manchester Scene Description Language (MSDL) to specify the scene. An MSDL to Inventor translator allowed the model to be previewed using Silicon Graphics' SceneViewer. Previews of more up-to-date images are shown below.

As well as defining the scene geometry, texture maps are being prepared to add detail to the model. A selection of peripheral station display panel textures are shown below.

A radiosity renderer will eventually be used to produce both high-quality static images as well as solutions optimised for interactive VR walkthrough purposes.

Model Creation Notes

Michael McMaster's blueprints were used to define the basic scene geometry. Station display textures were created as vector drawings. A vector format was chosen to simplify edit operations and to allow the generaton of texture maps of arbitrary resolution. The McMaster blueprints were used as the primary texture map source, with colour detail taken from video footage and photographic stills.

Copyright Notice.The Star Trek Universe remains the property of Paramount Pictures. This model should be regarded as a close facsimile of Matt Jefferies' Enterprise Bridge set, and no conceptual or commercial rights are claimed. However, the data contained within this independently-sourced facsimile is the property of the University of Manchester Advanced Interfaces Group.