Tim Morris' Research Webpages.

Research into image processing and computer vision is an activity being undertaken by many people in Manchester. These pages describe the being undertaken by me and my students. The pages are always under construction, please bear with me.

We are concerned with image processing/computer vision systems, their robustness and reliability in the presence of noise and low quality data. Techniques are being developed for and demonstrated using retinal fundus images in glaucoma and diabetes, assistive technology perceptual user interfaces. Currently active projects are described here.

This work will continue into the forseeable future; feel free to contact (email address below) me if you are a student interested in postgraduate study in any of these subject areas.

The title was generated using NIH Image, a public domain image processing proagram by Wayne Rasband available from his page at the National Institue of Health. It shows the result of skeletonising the lower half of the characters.