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Contact Details

Alan Barry Stokes
School of Computing Science,
IT 302 It building
University of Manchester,
Oxford Road,
Manchester, M13 9PL.

Tel:0161 275 6132
Email: stokesa6 AT
Alan B Stokes

I am a Research associate at the University of Manchester. I am currently working on the Human Brain Project on the Spinnaker research platform within the APT group.

I have just recently completed a PhD in database management of sensor networks within the IMG group. During my PhD my supervisors were: Alvaro Fernandes and Norman Paton


  • I enjoy cooking and enjoy making some "interesting" concoctions. I also make an amazing curries, fluffy yorkshire puddings, sasuage casserole and crumbles.
  • I enjoy botany, and am growing a collection of berries, vegetables, fruits and herbs on my flats balcony.
  • I enjoy Ten pin bowling, and competed in the University of Manchester ten Pin Bowling team, where we came 4th in the Bucs Championship in 2012. Im always up for a game.
  • I love exploring teas, and think a afternoon in either bettys, the midland hotel or the ridgemount tea room for afternoon tea is heavenly, and should be experienced by any coffee drinker before dismissing the strengths of a good cuppa.

Little Bio

During the day, you can find me slugging away at papers or developing the code base for the spinnaker pacman tool chain. At night, you would find me on a chair reading a good sience fiction, medieval or bond book, or playing computer games of one sort or another.

Educational History

I passed my Phd with minor corrections in Sept 2014 from the University of Manchester. I Passed my BSc in Artificial Intelligence in 2011 from the University Of Manchester with a overall grade of approx 78\%. Previously I studied at Runshaw College for my A-levels and Lostock Hall Community High School for my GCSE's.

Last updated on 12 Sept 2014