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TAMBIS was a joint research project between the School of Biological Sciences and the Information Management Group, part of Computer Science in the University of Manchester in the UK. the project started in 1996 and has run out of funding. These pages and the TAMBIS software are no longer supported. You will not be able to use the software.  

TAMBIS aims to aid researchers in biological science by providing a single access point for biological information sources round the world. The access point will be a single interface (via the World Wide Web) which acts as a single information source. It will find appropriate sources of information for user queries and phrase the user questions for each source, returning the results in a consistent manner which will include details of the information source. 

Further details about TAMBIS can be found at this site. In addition, two Powerpoint presentations can be downloaded which describe in more detail why TAMBIS is required, and how TAMBIS will work. 

TAMBIS has been on-line for evaluation since Jan 1999. Those interested in TAMBIS should contact the TAMBIS team. A demonstrational Java applet and video examples are no longer publically accessible.

TAMBIS is funded by the BBSRC/EPSRC Bioinformatics programme and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. 

A version of this web site which does not use tables and images for navigation is also available
email: tambis@cs.man.ac.uk 
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