The BioCOMPASS is a web based tool for facilitating the use and interoperation of bioinformatics resources. It is a database of bioinformatics resources. It is more than a catalogue of resources and their location -- it is a database of bioinformatics resource schema, as well as their location, resources and documentation. In addition, it aims to help bioinformaticians to manage the semantic heterogeneity that exists between the numerous bioinformatics data repositories. As the BioCOMPASS contains data about resource schema, documentation, location, etc. it can be asked a wide range of resource queries.

As well as being able to query the BioCOMPASS about bioinformatics resources, users can also process resource schema and record information about the reconciliation of the semantic heterogeneities existing between one resource and others.

this can be a large and complex task. To help a bioinformatician in this task is the RASH process.

The BioCOMPASS forms an interface to RASHdb, which is a database of resource schema, locations, documentation, etc. The BioCOMPASS aids the user in adding information about a particular resource, either by hand or semi-automatically, as well as in querying the BioCOMPASS.