February 2, 2012
My name is Richard Stapenhurst, I'm years old. I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and moved to Manchester in 2005, where I did a BSc in Computer Science. Currently I am doing a PhD in the Machine Learning and Optimisation group, also in Manchester. I am due to submit my thesis during Summer 2012.
Interests and Skills
I usually program in Java, Python, C# or Matlab. I am also familiar with C++, php and bash.
During my PhD I have released some Matlab code - available at the Matlab File Exchange.
I do some recreational programming on Arduino and Android.
I have achieved Grade 7 Piano, and am currently studying for Grade 8.
Some of my classical and improvisational work is available on my YouTube Page
I own and manage a 5 bedroom house in Rusholme, Manchester. This involves organising tenants, house maintenance, and financial planning.
I enjoy hillwalking in the Peak District, Lake District and North Wales. I write short fiction stories. I like to solve programming puzzles (e.g. Project Euler and Interview Street).
CV Available here.