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Simon Jupp
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Department of Computer Science

Address : Room 2.90
Kilburn Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PL
Tel :+44 (0)161 275 6817
E-mail :Simon.Jupp AT


About me

I am currently working with Dr Robert Stevens in the Bio-Health Informatics Group (BHIG) at the University of Manchester. I have degrees in both Biochemistry and Computer Science and now work somewhere between both disciplines (also known as a bioinformatician). My research interests are generally related to information management, but more specifically, using computers to imporve the way we capture, manage and share knowledge about biology. Most of my work is now focused on the use of ontologies to capture knowledge in some computationally useful form. I previously worked on the Sealife project which developed a series of Semantic Grid browser for searching and navgiating health care and life sciences data on the Web. Given that the Web is now central to the way we manage and communicate data I am naturally interested in the Semantic Web and its related technologies, such as RDF and OWL.

I have recently started work on the e-LICO project where the goal is to build a platform for data mining and data-intensive sciences. The e-LICO platform will be closely aligned to the myGRID platform which already provides tools to suppor e-Science. e-LICO will be showcased in a systems biology task: biomarker discovery and molecular pathway modelling for diseases affecting the kidney and urinary pathways, this work will involve the construction of a Kidney and Urinary Pathway (KUP) Ontology.


I am also a tutor on the popular 'Introduction to implmenting ontologies in OWL' tutorial, this is a two day hands on course that we hold at the at the University of Manchester. If you are interesting in learning about Ontologies, OWL and the Protege OWL editor then I highly recommend it! More details are available here.

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